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Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels

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Check out a video of the Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels
Accurate Boss Fury FX-500X Lever Drag Reel

Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels

The new Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels now come with a polished exterior. Gone is the rough exterior to the lightweight counterpart to the Boss Extreme Reels. The Boss Furys feature a single "wet drag" system for ultimate smoothness, and a very simple design. Accurate has incorporated an all metal design and smooth lever drag system they are known for. If you are looking for a single-speed lever drag reel that is made in America, check out the Accurate Boss Fury series.

The Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels come in six sizes and are available with a high or low gear ratio.

Models: FX-400, FX-400X, FX-400N, FX400XN, FX500, FX500X, FX500N, FX-500XN, FX-600, FX-600X, FX-600N, FX-600XN

*Narrow reels are considered special orders. They can take up to 4 weeks to receive from Accurate.

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Accurate Boss Fury Single-Speed Reels
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