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Bait Menu
We carry a full line of fresh and frozen bait. We take pride in the fact that our hand selected baits are of the highest quality, and we do our best to obtain it from local sources. Availabity of certain bait changes throughout the year due to season and inclimate weather, so make sure that you contact us in advance if you are concerned we might not have what you are looking for.

Also, if you don’t see what you are looking for on our bait menu, please contact us and we will do our best to get you that you the bait you need. All bait sales are local. We do not ship bait!
Chum $17.00
Bunker (4 gal.) $15.00
Clam bellies (4 gal.) $10.00
Box of bellies  
Bluefish chum (4 gal.)  
Mackerel chum (4 gal.)  
Clam chum sleeve $3.00
Box of squid $5.00
Squid strips (local caunght) $5.00
Lg. squid (2 pk. - local caught) $5.00
Squid (3 pk. - local caught) $6.00
Trolling squid  
Small clam $3.00
Large clam $15.00
Sand eels $5.00
Spearing (local caunght) $4.00
Block spearing (2 1 / 2 lb - local caunght) $14.00
Bunker (2 pk.) $4.00
Mackerel (2 pk.) $3.00
Ballyhoo rigged  
Ballyhoo unrigged  
Clam strips $5.00
Xl squid (2pk. - local caunght) $6.00
Reserve Bait
Call us and we will put bait aside for you.
Perfect for large

Deposit and minimum 48 hour lead time required!
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