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Blue Frog Original Pot Belly "Swing Hook" Bucktail Jig

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Blue Frog Original Pot Belly "Swing Hook" Bucktail Jig

The Blue Frog Pot Belly Swing Hook Bucktail is designed to be used in shallow water, slower current conditions. These bucktails tend to ride a little higher in the water column, making them perfect for those shallow spots where you want to keep the perfect presentation just long enough for a game fish to pounce.

It is in these conditions that the "lifelike" action of the Swing Hook "Pot Belly" really shines for Kayak anglers, Boat anglers and Shore anglers alike.  

Many shallow water anglers have had a lot of success with over sized fluke fishing these bucktails tipped with their favorite fresh bait.

This bucktail has become a fan favorite when targeting the always elsusive "weakfish".

The Blue Frog Original Bot Belly Swing Hook Bucktail is available in several sizes and colors.

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Blue Frog Original Pot Belly "Swing Hook" Bucktail Jig.

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