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Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures

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Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures

Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures are perfect for catching big striped bass from the beach! On the back of the popular SP Minnow lures, Daiwa has created a new sinking version. The Bullet is designed for casting long distances. The lure sinks horizontally and gives a great presentation to fish on the on the fall. These lures swims in an "s" pattern that imitates a baitfish and is very attractive to hungry predators! The Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures feature the same amazing finish as the SP Minnows. Inside their hard plastic exterior is a 1.4 mm heavy thru-wire. 2/0 heavy duty treble hooks are fixed to the center and rear of the lure. If you are passionate about fishing from the beach and want to catch big fish, definitely add a few Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures to your surf bag!

Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnow Bullet Lures are available in two sinking models. 1 1/2 oz and 2 1/8 oz versions. They are available in several beautiful and effective colors.


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