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Flambeau Outdoors Deep Satchel

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Flambeau Outdoors Deep Satchel

The Flambeau Deep Satchel goes far and beyond your every day tackle box. Designed for either mass-tackle storage, or hauling around bulky items such as reels, flashlights, tools, rain gear, electronics etc., the Deep Satchel is perfect for shore and boat anglers alike. Heavy duty plastic composite design ensures the safety of your equipment in the event of an accident (if you’ve ever fished a slippery jetty, you’ve almost definitely had your gear come crashing down at one point or another). Its open core design, featuring 7 Zerust dividers makes storage of oddly shaped items a cinch, with up to 8 different compartment designs available.

The Flambeau Outdoors Deep Satchel comes with an easy-carry handle, and heavy duty clasps on the lid to keep your gear safe. 

Models: 9021

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