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Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks

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Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks

Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks have become a necessity for saltwater anglers using soft baits such as clam and squid to keep their offering securely on the hook even after a missed strike. Typically the fish targeted using small clam or squid baits (porgies, seabass etc.) are accompanied by a variety of annoying bait-stealers that will have you constantly re-baiting. The barbs on the shank provide a secure connection so your bait will have a fighting chance in the underwater battlefield that is your local reef.

Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks are also a great option for rigging teaser hooks while fluke or striper fishing – simply slide your soft plastic (Gulp!, sand eel imitation etc.) up the shank for a snug fitting that will hold up even after multiple strikes. 

Models: 05410,

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