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Huk Kryptek Gaiter Sunshield Sun Mask

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Huk Kryptek Gaiter Sunshield Sun Mask

The Huk Kryptek Gaiter Sunshield Sun Mask looks as good as it performs. When you are out on the water, protecting your face, neck, and ears from both the sun and the wind is extremely important! The Huk Kryptek Gaiter does all this as well as wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool. The unique property of these sun shields are that they have a mesh front that dramatically increases breathability and moisture vapor release from your mouth passes through the mesh instead of being trapped and fogging up your sunglasses. They are also anti-microbial and stain resistant. Huk has been producing products with the Kryptek camo pattern and anglers love it! They look amazing! If you want a new sun shield that will protect you on the water, get a Huk Kryptek Gaiter. Not only will it perform flawlessly, but it will look great around your neck in the picture of you holding up that big fish you just caught!

Huk Kryptek Gaiter Sunshield Sun Masks are available in Kryptek Neptune Camo and Kryptek Yeti Camo.

Models: H3000021-NEP, H3000021-YT2

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  • Sun Mask

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