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Keitech Salty Core Stick

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Keitech Salty Core Stick Texas Rigged

Keitech Salty Core Stick

Keitech Salty Core Sticks are a highly effective finesse bait! With their strong squid scent, a wide variety of freshwater fish gravitate to these baits. The outer layer is a soft, durable plastic. The interior core layer is plastic infused with a large quantity of salt. This gives the Keitech Salty Core Stick some weight which allows you to fish it weightless, while still maintaining a perfect rate of fall. While it is falling, these baits have an amazingly life-like side to side action that is irresistible to freshwater fish! Keitech has made these baits extremely easy to rig and the external plastic layer holds the hook nicely so you don't have to worry about it pulling free! Keitech Salty Core Sticks are easy to fish and are proven to catch fish!

Keitech Salty Core Sticks are made in Japan. They come ten baits to a package and are available in 4 1/2" sizes. Choose from four deadly colors!

Models: SCS45001, SCS45101, SCS45102, SCS45216

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