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Lamiglas Graphite Surf & Jetty Casting Rods

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Lamiglas Graphite Surf & Jetty Casting Rods

Lamiglas Surf and Jetty Casting Rods come with a reputation of taming massive fish! These more traditional surf rods feature hefty backbones with a slightly whippy tip with enough action for plugging as well as tossing heavy bait setups. This casting model is designed for conventional style reels, so unless you’re the old salty veteran who throws lures with baitcasters from the surf (a little unnecessarily arduous if you ask me) then you’re probably using this stick to “bait and wait.” Lamiglas Surf and Jetty Casting rods are ideally suited for pier fishing, soaking clams in a fast moving inlet, tossing chunks on the open beach, or even bombing tuna jigs on west coast long-range boats. 

Lamiglas Surf & Jetty Casting Rods come with sticky cork EVA grips, as well as heavy duty Fuji guides & reel seats. They are available in 10 feet. 

Models: XS 10 MHC

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