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Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf Spinning Rods

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Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf Spinning Rods

Lamiglas Ron Arra Spinning Surf Rods are perhaps the best plugging and bucktailing rods on the market today. Designed with specifications that come straight from the mind of casting champion Ron Arra, the Ron Arra line of surf spinning rods is unmatched in terms of distance and accuracy by any other surf stick. The number one choice for anglers who strictly throw plugs and poppers, the Ron Arra will be sure to get your offering out over the breakers and into the strike zone. Its super fast action tip is made for meticulously working pencil poppers, darters, metal-lip swimmers, and especially light bucktails – all of these will swim more true and their action will be irresistible.

Lamiglas Ron Arra Spinning Surf Rods come with traditional cork EVA grips, battle-tested Fuji® Alconite Concept Guides, and Fuji reel seats. They come in over a dozen length-and-weight combinations and are available in either one or two piece models. 

Models: XSRA 1083-2, XSRA 1084-2, XSRA 1203-2, XSRA 1205-2, XSRA 1261, XSRA 1321-2, XSRA 1322, XSRA 1322-2

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