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Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Casting Rods

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Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Casting Rods

Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rods may just be the most versatile, strong, and sensitive rods on the market. Casting models all come with trigger grips for superior handling while fighting delicate fish such as fluke, flounder, or seabass while giving a point of pressure to keep that rod firmly in your control when fighting large inshore species like stripers, steelhead, tarpon, snook, or redfish. The Graphite Inshore rods feature the trusted Tri-Flex design which wraps three different graphite materials in perfect harmony to form a blank that is sturdy enough to hold up against a bruiser, yet delicate enough to precisely throw baits at passing predators.

Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rods come with cork grips which help bring the weight down, and help you get a better feel for subtle hits from smaller fish. They are available in lengths from 6’ to 7’6” and strengths ranging from ultra light (1/4-1oz) to super heavy duty (6-16oz). You can be sure that every inshore species under the sun has a Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rod that is matched perfectly to it. The heavy models are more than strong enough to throw jigs at schoolie tuna, and even drop super-heavy lead for cod or yellowtail fishing. 

Models: TFX 7020 CT, TFX 7030 C, TFX 7030 CT, TFX 7040 CT, TFX 7650 CT

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