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Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament Line (3000 yd Spool)

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Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament Line (3000 yd Spool)

Momoi’s Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament is their flagship monofilament fishing line, exuding many amazing characteristics not found in other monofilaments. For starters, Momoi’s proprietary design actually offers tensile strengths at up to 200% of the stated strength – this way you can use a lighter line and get more capacity while still being able to put the screws to a steamrolling pelagic game fish. Its tougher finish is ultra abrasion resistant, so when fishing in rocky areas, reefs, or around underwater structure you can rest easy knowing that your line will hold up when chaffing against obstructions.

Momoi’s Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament is available in three distinct colors – traditional “Diamond Clear”, “Hi-Vis Yellow”, and the popular “Brilliant Blue”. Spools from 12# test to 80# test come in 3,000 yard spools, while 100# and above come in 2,750 yard spools.  

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Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament Line (3000 yd Spool).

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