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Okuma Trio Spinning Reels

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Check out a video of the Okuma Trio Spinning Reels
Okuma Trio Spinning Reels

Okuma Trio Spinning Reels

Okuma Trio Spinning reels write the book on the hybridization between aluminum and graphite bodies. Using proprietary technology called the Crossover Construction platform, the engineers at Okuma have blended both graphite and aluminum in the foot, shaft, and spool of the Trio making a reel that’s both super light-weight, yet strong and saltwater savvy. The high-speed 6.2:1 gear ratio shreds 11 inches of line per crank, assuring blistering hits from predators that prefer a lightning quick retrieve. The Trio has plenty of Okuma standbys such as the Dual Force Drag system, Corrosion Resistant Coating process, multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag washers, and 9BB + 1RB ball bearings for a silky smooth feel.

Okuma Trio Spinning reels are best suited for inshore applications; stripers, fluke, steelhead, redfish, snook, weakfish etc. They are available in sizes up to 80 in case larger gamefish are calling your name, but the most popular sizes are the middle range 40 and 55. 

Models: Trio-20, Trio-30, Trio-40, Trio-55, Trio-65a, Trio-80a, Trio-30S, Trio-40S, Trio-55S

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