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Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirt

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Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirt

A Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirt will protect you from the elements while out on the water hunting that big fish! The AquaTek shirt features SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection from the sun, and ventilated Airflow technology that will keep you cool when the weather gets hot. This shirt is lightweight, breathable and has moisture wicking properties to keep moisture off of your skin to keep you dry. Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirts are also highly stain resistant so no need to worry if your the type of angler that plays hard. Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirts are made of the finest quality fabrics and are perfect on the water. Protect yourself the next time you go fishing. Wear a Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirt.

Pelagic AquaTek Long Sleeve Shirts are extremely comfortable. They are available in several sizes in light blue.

Models: 765LB

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