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Penn International V VS5010AWA60 Standup Rods

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Penn International V Standup Rods VS5010AWA60

A tournament special, the Penn International V VS5010AWA60 Standup Rod is designed specifically for large, tournament grade fish – we’re talking giant yellowfin, sharks, goliath grouper, blue and black marlin. This rod comes with AFTCO stainless steel wind-on rollers, ideal for extremely heavy wind-on leaders when targeting 500 plus pound animals. Additionally, the rod comes with a detachable aluminum straight butt which can be replaced with a bent butt end for easy chunking and baitfishing applications from the gunwale. The VS5010AWA60 is 6 feet in length, can be used while hooked in and standing up, or while sitting in the chair. It’s made with a tubular e-glass design so it’s got a little forgiveness which is of utmost importance when the fish is at the side of the boat – always the most perilous part of the fight.

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