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Penn International V VS8013AWA60 Standup Rods

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Penn International V Standup Rods VS8013AWA60

This rod could double as a crane – seriously, the Penn International V VS8013AWA60 is so beastly that it can target the biggest fish in the ocean without a second thought. This rod is used almost exclusively for giant Bluefin tuna, but can also be used for tournament grade blue and black marlin fishing as well as hunting for giant makos. The VS8013AWA60 is meant to be matched with either an 80 wide sized or the almighty 130 sized offshore reels. Featuring stainless steel AFTCO wind-on guides, this rod is ideal for those who choose ultra-heavy duty wind on leaders for commercial applications, or for those guys who leave nothing to chance. The VS8013AWA60 comes with a detachable straight aluminum butt end, but you can change it out for a bent butt for chunking and other bait fishing applications from the gunwale. The Penn International V VS8013AWA60 is built from a tubular e-glass blank, ensuring a forgiving rod that won’t fail on you with a fish at the side of the boat who decides that one last desperate dive might save its life.

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