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Penn Spinfisher V SSV8500LL Spinning Reels

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Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reels SSV8500LL

The Penn Spinfisher V SSV8500LL Live Liner Spinning Reel stands as king in the world of live liner spinning reel. A truly vicious spinning reel, the SSV8500LL pumps out 35# drag thanks to the oversized HT-100 drag washers that Penn has painstakingly developed to perform worthily even under extreme stress; and that’s a good thing, because your SSV8500LL is built to target species that go hand and hand with extreme stress. The Penn SSV8500LL is best used for either live or dead bait fishing applications for such bad boys as bluefin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, king mackerel and mahi. The LiveLine switch on the backside of the reel, when engaged, will let the spool spin freely with a bait – then when your target falls for the offering, simply turn the handle to engage the full drag and hold on! The braid ready spool of the Penn Spinfisher V SSV8500LL Spinning Reel features a rubber gasket so you can direct tie your braid to the spool with no backing or tape, and will hold a whopping 470 yards of 65# braid (more if you’re using slender profile super braid like Daiwa Samurai or similar).

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

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Best Surf Reel For The Money
Written by Xnutty98 | April 12, 2016

Best reel I've ever owned. I beat it to death in the surf and it never fails. Just rinse it in fresh water after you're done and you'll never have a problem.

Great reel!
Written by Ray P. | December 22, 2015

This is a great reel. I'm glad Penn still produces this line. I purchased the 4500 LL from josh and i do not regret it at all. No wind knots, the bail doesnt close on you at all. i landed a 31" redfish in the florida grass flats and it hit like a train. the drag is very impressive and strong. it takes little increments to increase the pressure on the drag. you dont need to crank the drag knob 3-4 turns. quarter turns and youre set. the reel is a little on the heavy side but because lf the weight, it has strength and durability. great reel and would recommend to anyone whos looking for a bullet proof reel may you be a beginner or advanced angler.

Penn Spinfished V Spinning Reels SSV65000BLS
Written by James Stafford | April 05, 2015

Great Surf Reel

Nice little reel
Written by Chuck Lukens | November 15, 2014

This past spring wanted a smaller light inshore/bay reel that could also perform med freshwater duty. The 3500 fits the bill. Very happy has perform smoothly. No more accidental bail trips when casting, I almost always manually flip the bail after cast anyway but now I can choose...no more worries about accidental dunks and rinsing off. I would prefer the football shaped handle but this one has decent grip and hasn't been a problem.


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