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Point Jude Sea Scallop Lures

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Point Jude Sea Scallop Lures

Point Jude Sea Scallop lures have an action that will drive the resident fish population crazy! The ingenious design makes the Sea Scallop duck and dive erratically; triggering the lateral lines of nearby predators and making them hit the lure on pure predatory instinct. You may see the Sea Scallop looks similar in appearance to the Acme Kastmaster, but rest assured, the concave face of the Sea Scallop makes all the difference!

Point Jude Sea Scallop lures are also proven wind cutters – the slim design paired with the 2.5 oz weight makes a recipe that will conquer headwinds and make it well out into the strike zone. Point Jude Sea Scallop lures come in 3/.4 oz sizes (with a treble hook) and 2.5 oz sizes (with single heavy duty siwash and bucktail).

Models: #12-A, #17

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Salmon lure for offshore casting.
Written by | April 26, 2015

These I have not tried but I will soon.


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Point Jude Sea Scallop Lures.

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