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Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holster

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Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holster

Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holster

The Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holster gives you fast access to your pliers. This heavy-duty holder attaches to your surf belt on an angle giving you easy access to your pliers while eliminating the problem of getting your pliers stuck on your surf top. This holster comes with a safety system that has Velcro on both sides. When it is open, the strap is secured to the inside back of the holster, and does not move. When you close it over your pliers, it makes a secure connection with the front of the holster, making it impossible for your pliers to accidentally fall out. There is a d-ring on the back to attach a lanyard too. If you are a surfcaster, there are subtle changes you can make to your gear that will improve your fishing experience. Switching to a Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holster is one of them. 

Rockhopper Quick-Draw Plier Holsters are black. They fit Van Staal, Hansom and most other fishing pliers. The holster comes in right and left handed models. If you wear your pliers on your right side, get the right handed model and if you wear your pliers on the left side of your belt, get the left handed model.


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