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S&S Bucktails Squidster Rattletail Bucktails

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S&S Bucktails Squidster Rattletail Bucktails

S&S Squidster Rattletail Bucktails are excellent bucktails. With their squid shaped heads, back full of bucktail hair, and hook rattle, the Squidster bucktail has been landing fluke after fluke all summer long! These excellent bucktails are hand made in the USA and come with a single fixed Gamakatsu hook. Use them by themselves or as a part of a rig. Try putting some frozen spearing or some Gulp on the hook. Give an S&S Squidster Rattletail Bucktail a try. The fish won't know what hit 'em!

S&S Squidster Rattletail Bucktails are available in several sizes and colors.

Models: 1 oz, 2 oz

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