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Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ100 Baitcasting Reels

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Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Reels CTCNQ100

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ100 Baitcasting Reel is as close to a flawless fishing reel as you can get. It’s as much a piece of mechanical artwork as it is a professional grade fish hunting apparatus – This futuristic Japanese product is constructed using cold forged aluminum The CTCNQ100 utilizes 10 SA-RB ball bearings throughout the body of the reel to maintain the ultimate internal smoothness, as well as an additional two on either end of the pinion gear (X-Ship technology) for an incredibly precise and powerful retrieve. The CTCNQ100 will hold 150 yards of 20# braided spectra, more if you’re using lines of extreme thinness like Samurai Braid. The Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ100 Round Baitcast Reel addresses cast control with proprietary and state-of-the-art technology called the SVS Infinity brake system – the system uses brake weights that apply constant, even pressure to the spool during casts, making even throwing ultra light lures simple and headache free. for its body and side plate, and it uses the patented “S” Compact Body design for maximum dexterity. Tournament fisherman will tell you that your equipment really needs to be an extension of you, and when the CTCNQ100 is in your hand you’ll really understand what that means.

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