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Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ101 Baitcasting Reels

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Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Reels CTCNQ101

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ101 Left Handed Baitcast Reel performs at the highest level – it’s so good, many anglers will find themselves buying a few at a time because the technology is truly timeless. The CTCNQ101 has 10+2 SA-RB ball bearings dispersed throughout the interior of the reel, including the two X-Ship bearings that create the smoothest retrieve in the line. The engineers at Shimano are so far ahead of the curve and it’s evident when taking a look at the features of the CTCNQ101 – it’s got the patented Micro Module Gearing system which uses much smaller gear teeth for a synchronous mesh that’s unmatched in any other left handed reels on the market. It has the Shimano Stable Spool Design which stays in perfect alignment with the cold forged aluminum frame throughout the range of the cast for superior casting distance and accuracy. The CTCNQ101 utilizes another piece of Shimano gold as well; the SVS Infinity Brake system that evenly disperses pressure on the spool while casting resulting in pinpoint accuracy – which is of utmost important when throwing light lures at a specific pad or branch. The Shimano Calcutta Conquest CTCNQ101 will hold 150 yards of standard braided spectra, but will hold more if utilizing an ultra thin line like Samurai Braid.

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