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Shimano Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers

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Shimano Neoprene Conventional Reel Covers

Shimano Neoprene Reel Covers have been redesigned for 2016! These great reels covers are perfect for protecting your Shimano Reel. Constructed of 3mm neoprene, these reel covers are great. You can use them while the reel is on the rod. There is a Shimano Reel Cover for every Shimano Reel so use the chart below to determine the correct size for your reel.

Models: BC-ANRC820A, S-ANRC830A, M-ANRC840A, L-ANRC850A, XL-ANRC860A

Size Chart

Calais 100, 200 Series, Callisto 100 series, Castaic 200 series, Chronarch 100, 50 Series, Citica 200 Series, Coriolis 100 Series, Crestfire 100 Series, Curado 100


 Calcutta 250, 200 150, 100, 50 Series, Calcutta TE 300, 200, 100, 50 Series, Calcutta TE DC 250, 200, 100 Series, Cardiff 300, 200, 100 Series, Corvalus 300, 200 Series


Calcutta 700, 400 Series, Calcutta TE 700, 400 Series, Cardiff 400 series, Catala 400, 300 series, Corsair 400A, 300A series, Corvalus 400 Series, Tekota 600, 500, TLD Star 20/40S, 15/30S, Torium 20, 30, 16, Speedmaster IV, Trinidad 40N, 30, 20, 16, 16N, 14, 12, TR2000LD, 1000LD, TRN200G, 100G, Charter Special


Tekota 800/700, Tiagra 20, 16, 12, TLD 25, 20, 25, TLD-Star 30, TLD 2 Speed 30II, 20II, Trinidad 50, 40


Tiagra 50WLRS, 50W, 50, 30W, 30WLRS, 30, TLD 2-Speed 50llLRS, 50ll


Tiagra 80W, 130

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