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Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs

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Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs

Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs are perfect for your next tuna trip! These lures feature a wide mouth that really displaces a lot of water. This 'Bubble Chamber' will suck water in and if the plug is on the top of the water, shoot it out the top creating a lot of commotion. While swimming beneath the surface it will create a large trail of bubbles that entices fish to strike. As with all Shimano lures and jigs, the exteriors are amazing! They feature big 3D eyes, a stainless steel thru wire and heavy duty sharp saltwater hooks. The 120 mm / 4 3/4" models features treble hooks and the longer 150 mm / 5 7/8" plugs have in line ingle hooks. Use a Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plug when popping for tuna or reel it with a steady motion through the water. These poppers catch fish!

Shimano Pop Orca Popper Plugs are floating and are available in seven great colors. The smaller plug weighs 1.8 oz and the larger 3.1 ozs.


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