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Shimano Talica TAC12II 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels

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Shimano Talica TAC12II Lever Drag Fishing Reel

Shimano Talica Two-Speed Lever Drag Reels TAC12II

The Shimano Talica TAC12II 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel was born to slay yellowtail – yet lives to hunt sizable predatory fish all over the world. The TAC12II is a lightweight, narrow framed jigging machine that is the cream of the proverbial crop, capable of targeting not only the yellowtail for which it was created, but also amberjack, dorado, small tuna, wahoo, and sails. The smoothness of the TAC12II is unparalleled thanks to an oversized main gear that has much smaller teeth than past models – this gear meshes with the pinion gear much more fluidly, creating a retrieve that’s both precise and powerful. The Japanese made TAC12II is built with all cold forged and machined aluminum that keeps the frame from flexing under stress, and keeps the internal gearing firmly in place. The TAC12II is a two speed reel, so you can rip jigs up through the water column using its 5.7:1 high gear, then drop down into the powerful 3.1:1 low gear for extreme cranking power when hooked up. The Shimano Talica TAC12II 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel will hold 400 yards of 65# braid, and puts out a head turning 40# drag, more than enough to go toe-to-toe with the likes of wahoo and yellowfin. The TAC12II has the best stopping power/weight ratio in the line, and at 25.7 ounces you can effortlessly yoyo jigs all day long.

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