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Shimano Tekota TEK600LC Levelwind Line Counter Reels

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Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reels TEK600LC

The Shimano Tekota TEK600LC Levelwind Line Counter Reel is a fantastic levelwind reel, perfect for salt or freshwater applications where knowing how much line is out is crucial. I’ve personally used this reel while trolling for salmon in Lake Ontario, and it preformed amazingly! We used a downrigger, and it needed to place our spoon perfectly at the thermocline line – however our downrigger’s counter decided to crap out on us at the first drop so it was up to the Tekota TEK600LC to find the proper depth. The end result was 6 kings to 38 pounds and a tired nephew for sure! Shimano’s Dartainium drag system smoothly pumps out 18# drag, and the aluminum braid ready spool will hold over 300 yards of 65# spectra. The TEK600LC has the Super Stopper anti-reverse system for incredible hook setting power, not moving an inch when you swing on a big fish. You can use this reel for heavy bottom fishing in saltwater as well – think grouper, snapper and cod. The Shimano Tekota TEK600LC Star Drag Reel comes with the Non-Disengaging levelwind system to evenly distribute your line on the retrieve so you only have to reel – easy as pie!

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Written by John Machacz | May 17, 2013

I own a TEK600, i have put this reel threw everything, groundfishing in 400', stripers, tog, blackfish you name it and this reel take a beating and keeps on going. I ahve fished this reel for 3 years not and have not had it serviced, still smooth as day one.


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