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Shimano Terez Spinning Rods

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Shimano Terez Spinning Rods

Shimano Terez Spinning Rods are an evolutionary step up from the popular Shimano Trevala Rods. Constructed using the same TC4 blank material, Shimano has successfully manipulated the blanks to be technique specific. That means vastly different actions and uses between models. Even though Terez rod blanks are so thin, they are able to generate an incredible amount of power and handle a heavy load. Shimano Terez Spinning Rods feature upgraded components, including thicker, more comfortable EVA grips, and Fuji K style frames with alconite inserts. 

If you've never had the chance to feel one of these spinning rods then you are missing out. There is a reason anglers are swapping their old rods for Shimano Terez Spinning Rods. Available in Pearl White, Aqua, Black and Sunset Red.


TZS69M: While dropping back on sailfish when they are in the spread this shorter rod will keep you engaged with what is going on behind the boat. No smacking your rod against the rigger lines or other rods that are in the trolling pattern.

TZS69MH: If you have a smaller cockpit and are catching school sized tunas this rod will put the fish in the boat fast. Not too short and not too long but with all the power needed to put the screws to the fish.

TZS69H: Like the MH version with more power in the blank for larger fish.

TZS69XH: The key to bottom fishing is getting the fish out of the wreck quick. This rod will not only pull up anything that bites but you can now do it comfortably. Less push back on the angler allowing you to make more drops without fatigue.

TZS72ML: Casting small live baits like shrimp and crabs can be difficult when you need distance and accuracy. This rod will not only cast great but when you hook up it has more power than you think it would.

TZS72M: Long left rigger, long left rigger, the best words you can hear when trolling for sails. This rod was designed for the drop back. This rod is longer to help you put your hooked bait into the proper spot in your trolling pattern.

TZS72MH: This is a heavier sailfish rod that can double as your bucktail jig rod for your bottom species. Once bit, tuck this rod under your arm for extreme pressure on the fish and less pressure on you.

TZS78H: When the tunas are crashing the surface, fishing the popper is the best. This rod will throw your plug with accuracy and with all the distance that you need. Once you are on take your pulling hand from the reel and place it up on the custom forward handle. best fished with poppers up to 4 oz.

TZS78XH: Built for your heavier popping baits than the H version. Both rods have Fuji LC guide frames for casting Power Pro. You will get more distance with this style frame versus all other frame types.

Shimano Terez Rods Handle Chart

Customer Reviews

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biased review as ive always only used Shimano. "the devil you know"
Written by aaron chang | July 30, 2015

I like the rod. Very thin. Very strong. Handle could do better. The handle is a bit bulky and would be better if they shaved some of the foam. Would make it feel more ergo and feel more of the rod.


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