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Shimano Terez Waxwing Casting Rods

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Shimano Terez Waxwing Casting Rods

Shimano Terez Waxwing Casting Rods were designed to be a part of the Shimano Waxwing System, but work perfectly well with other types of lures and baits. The Terez Waxwings rods have roots in the Shimano Trevala family but Shimano has successfully manipulated their TC4 blank material to create rods that are light in weight, extremely powerful and have very specific actions. This means fishing with a very thin rod that is incredibly light and can handle big fish with ease. They feature upgraded components, including high quality cork fore and rear grips, and Fuji K style frames with alconite inserts. 

If you've never had the chance to feel one of these rods then you are missing out. Anglers from all over the world are using Shimano Terez Waxwing Casting Rods to catch more fish. These fishing rods are available in Pearl White, Aqua, Emerald Green, Fighting Lady Yellow and Sunset Red.

TZCWX70M: Designed to fish the Waxwing Boy. Load up a Curado 200E7 with 40lb Power pro and tie on the Waxwing Boy. This outfit will make the most accurate casts that are needed when fishing reds, and specs.

TZCWX70MH: Designed to fish the Waxwing Junior. swhen you are after the larger reds or other larger inshore species the larger bait gets bit better.

TZCWX80M: Designed to fish the Waxwing Boy. This rod will load and shoot the jig with ease while using a Curado 200E7 filled with 40lb Power Pro. The lightest calico outfit you have ever fished while using a sub-surface jig.

TZCWX80MH: Designed to fish the Waxwing Junior. This rod was built to fish the Curado 300EJ with 50lb Power Pro. If you get bit on a long cast just pull hard and you can get that calico out of just about anything.

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