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Shimano Ultegra ULT10000XSC Surf Spinning Reels

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Check out a video of the Shimano Ultegra Surf Spinning Reels
Shimano Ultegra ULT10000XSC Surf Spinning Reels

Shimano Ultegra Surf Spinning Reels ULT10000XSC

The Shimano Ultegra ULT10000XSC Long Cast Spinning Reel will give you the advantage you need to surpass the longest breakers in the surf and land your plug precisely in the strike zone! Made using an innovate metal body material called Hagane, the Ultegra 10000 is light, extremely rigid, and most importantly incredibly impact resistant. Packed with a multitude of reliable Shimano features, the Ultegra 10000 holds the title of the most affordable long cast reel in Shimano’s lineup – but don’t think they held back on the quality at all. The ULT10000XSC still comes standard with X-Ship, which places a bearing on each end of the pinion gear to keep it firmly in place. Additionally, the Instant Drag System can put out a staggering 44# of smooth drag – easily more than enough to tangle with cow stripers, bull reds, tarpon, snook, roosterfish, or any large powerful fish that stalk shorelines around the world. The Ultegra 10000 uses Super Slow Oscillation, which regulates the speed at which the spool picks up the line off the roller – the result is flawless line lay which gives you added distance and smoother drag put out. Speaking of smoothness, there are 4 Shielded A-RB ball bearings placed throughout the reel, making for a smooth, even retrieve. The Shimano Ultegra ULT10000XSC Long Cast Spinning Reel comes with a spare spool, so feel free to fill one up with braid (300 yards of 65#) and the other with mono (220 yards of 20#). 

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