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Shimano Waxwing Jigs

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Check out a video of the Shimano Waxwing Jigs
Shimano Waxwing Jigs

Shimano Waxwing Jigs

Shimano Waxwing Jigs are great for catching small and big fish. These sub-surface lures have an aerodynamic design so you can cast them very far. Cast the jig and then start reeling and the jig will do the rest. With its two wing design, the Waxwing Jig swims in an irregular zig-zag pattern that fish can't resist. Waxwing Jigs really do all the work for you in terms of getting fish to bite. If you have never fished a Waxwing before then I suggest you give them a try. They are made with Shimano quality.

Shimano Waxwing Jigs are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Models: WW068 Baby, WW088 Boy, WW118 Junior, WW138 Senior, WW168 Daddy

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  • Waxwing Jig

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