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Sloopster Dark Matter Inshore Spinning Rods

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Sloopster Dark Matter Inshore Spinning Rods

Roll out the red carpet and cue up the trumpets, the new king of inshore spinning rods has just arrived! Seriously, the brand new Sloopster Dark Matter Inshore Spinning Rods will leave you in awe of their truly regal sensitive power. This rod has been researched and developed for well over a year, and the resulting blend of materials is incredible! The Dark Matter Inshore spinning rods weigh in at a paltry 4.8 ounces, yet can deadlift nine lbs thanks to the holy triumvirate of graphite, carbon fiber, and dark matter. What’s dark matter you ask? Well the Air Force has developed a new, ultra-strong and lightweight material that as of yet only has some long, boring government designation so we just took to calling it dark matter. Whether you’re down in the marshes of Southern Louisiana stalking trophy redfish, or out on the East End of Long Island throwing plugs at migrating cow stripers, the Dark Matter will transcend your fishing experience. This modern masterpiece will transfer amazing power all the way from the tip through the grip to give you an incredible handle on your prey.

Sloopster Dark Matter Spinning Rods are equipped with Fuji everything, including the all new “Tight V TVSTS” ergonomic reel seat, as well as K-guides with Alconite rings designed for today’s micro-line. The Dark Matter is ideal for throwing light plugs, darters, jigheads, and tins at anything from a seatrout to a striped bass. The real upside of this medium action spinning rod is its versatility – the list of species that this rod will dominate is too long to write here, but think of anything from 5-50#! The 5 year limited warranty gives you the peace of mind you deserve when hooked up, knowing you can lean in just a bit harder. We’ve all been looking for that Goldilocks inshore spinning rod for some time now, and it’s finally revealed itself. All hail the Dark Matter! 

Sloopster Dark Matter Rods are black with a hint of silver. Due to the demand and limited nature of these rods they will not be eligible for any discounts.

Models: DMIS70MF

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