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Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits

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Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits

Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits

Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits are deadly when fishing for bass, especially in the Spring time! The McStick is not only a favorite of pro angler Mike McClelland, but Jimmy from the shop has won multiple freshwater tournaments with this bait! It is constructed of hard plastic and comes equipped with three #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks. Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits are suspending and will swim straight in the water 3-5 feet down. They work great when retrieving at slow and fast speeds. If you are hunting bass, a Spro McStick 110 Jerkbait is a great lure to have on the end of your line. They catch fish!

Spro McStick 110 Jerkbaits are available in two colors. Choose from spooky shad, which is an extremely effective color, and chrome shad, which seems to work best when the fish are not biting anything else.

Models: SMS110CSD, SMS110PS

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