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Squidnation Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chain

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Squidnation Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chain

Squidnation continues to innovate with their Squidnation Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chains. They re-engineered the popular Flippy Floppy with a long tail marauder squid with longer tentacles that drastically increased bite rate! The judges at ICAST 2016 thought this daisy chain was so great that they awarded Best Soft Lure at this year's show! As with all Squidnation products, the quality of the product is second to none. Take one look at the squids, overbuilt coated wire, and huge crimps and you'll see what I'm talking about. Serious offshore anglers fish Squidnation daisy chains because they know that they not only work, but they can hold up against big fish! Squidnation Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chains are comprised of four 9" Squidnation Rubber Long Tail Mauler Squids, eight 6" Squidnation Fat Daddy Squids and one Squidnation 5" bird. They are rigged with 275lb test and finished with a 300lb Marlin Coast Lock swivel. Add one of these to your spread and you will see results! 

Squidnation Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chains are available in several colors. Use them when targeting tuna, marlin, sailfish, dolphin and wahoo.

Models: LTFF

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