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Stormr Men's Strykr Jacket

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Stormr Men's Strykr Jacket

The Stormr Men's Stryker Jacket takes fishing tops to the next level! This neoprene top is packed with all the bells and whistles and is perfect for fishing on a boat or from the surf. The Stryker jacket is constructed of an abrasion resistant neoprene that is completely waterproof, windproof and adds 5lbs of buoyancy. All seams are glued, blind-stitched and thermal-taped to keep wind and water out. Jacket has four waterproof external pockets and three internal pockets to keep all of your gear dry. Velcro waist and sleeves ensure that water stays out. If you are looking for a great fishing jacket to keep you warm and dry, then the Stormr Stryker is the way to go. You will love it!

The Stormr Men's Stryker Jacket's are cut correctly so if you normally wear an XL, then buy an XL. Jacket is available in sizes M-3XL. Color is Safety Orange and Limited Edition Black. 

Model: R315MF, R315MF-LE

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Written by Martin downs | December 13, 2014

I have Diebetes and wearing the stormr keep me so warm. fishing on boat in cold water, if I was to fall in I know I will live. I have the bibs. I'm going to buy the hat and gloves. The guys at J&h are so easy to work with. Thank you. Marty Downs


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