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Stormr Smart Phone Cell Jacket

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Stormr Waterproof Smart Phone Cell Jacket - XL

Stormr Smart Phone Cell Jacket

The Stormr Smart Phone Cell Jacket is the must have accessory for fishing enthusiasts. You spent a lot of money on that smart phone, protect it from the water while you are on the boat or surf fishing! Simply slip your phone into the Stormr Smart Phone Cell Jacket and it is now waterproof! The jacket features an automatic closure that is easy to use. The magnetic closure will not interfere with any of your existing electronics, credit cards or hard drives! While your phone is in the jacket, it is fully usable. The touch screen works as well as any buttons. You can still use wifi and bluetooth while in the case! Also, when your phone is in the case, it is fully submersible. Use it as an underwater camera.

Stormr Smart Phone Cell Jackets come with a safety lanyard and are available in one size that is large enough for all of today's mobile phones. The XL fits the Apple iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy, and other large smart phones.

Models: RCELL-XL 

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