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Strike King Hack Attack Jig

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Strike King Hack Attack Jig

The Strike King Hack Attack Jig is a highly effective fishing jig. It was so effective that Greg Hackney used it to win the final Bassmaster Elite series tournament of 2014! The Strike King Hack Attack Jig was designed for fishing in heavy cover. Everything on this jig is beefed up. It features a heavy wire Gamakatsu black nickel hook that is extremely sharp, a heavy duty weed guard and a 30 degree line-tie. This allows you to pull extra hard and not worry about damaging the jig. Strike King Hack Attack Jigs were designed to handle anything you throw at them. Next time you're fishing in heavy cover tie a Strike King Hack Attack Jig onto heavy braid or fluorocarbon and see for yourself how effective it can be!

Strike King Hack Attack Jig are 1/2 oz. They are available in black/blue, and black/blue, green pumpkin craw and sexy craw.

Models: HAHCJ12-2, HAHCJ12-46, HAHCJ12-131

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