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Super Strike Needlefish Super N Fish Surf Plugs

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Super Strike Needlefish Super N Fish Surf Plugs

The Super Strike Needlefish Super “N” Fish Plug is sort of an anomaly in the surf fishing game. People always choose lures that have a distinct action - be that a wobble, popping action, darting action etc. The Super “N” Fish (aka the needlefish) doesn’t do any of that – it basically drags through the water like a stick. When I first saw the action of these lures, I was absolutely bewildered! These lures have accounted for so many slobs it’s not even funny. But how? I’m no marine biologist, so I couldn’t tell you why a fish would attack a lure with absolutely no action – but ask anyone who’s ever used one of these plugs. They catch fish plain and simple; in fact the biggest striper I ever took from the surf hit a 2.5 oz black Super “N” Fish off Northbar in Montauk. There’s no explanation, and sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone. Like their cousins the bullet, the Super “N” Fish is most effective thrown into a head wind, as it cuts through the air like a warm knife through butter.

Super Strike Needlefish Super “N” Fish comes with VMC treble hooks with a dressed Mustad siwash hook on some models. They are constructed using Super Strike’s rugged through-wire construction, and are available in 16 different colors in the 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 3 oz sizes. 

*We get custom colors of Super Strike Super “N” Fish Plugs in the store and we don't always list them online. If you are looking for a color that you do not see on the site, please email or call us.

Models: NF5W, NF5HW, NF6W, NF6HW, NF7W, NF7HW

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