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Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer V3

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Check out a video of the Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer V3
Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer Surf Lure

Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer V3

Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmers could be the best answer to old school metal lip swimmers on the market today. As we know, the metal lip swimmers are an incredibly effective surf lure, but their main drawback is that they can’t cast worth a darn. Sure, if you’re standing on a rock 50 yards out in the wash you’ll be fine, but not everyone feels like wetsuiting just to catch fish. Enter the Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer – a worthy addition to the all-star Super Strike lineup, it has the castability of the Little Neck Popper, and the action of a wooden metal lip swimmer – that radically slow wobble that monster bass just can’t seem to resist. The BB’s inside the plug are like music to the fish’s ears – just ask Greg Meyerson (current all-tackle world record holder for striped bass) his philosophy on underwater acoustics in terms of striped bass.

The Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer V3 gives you a distinct advantage over those using wooden metal lip swimmers – you’ll outcast and outfish them, all while standing on shore and not out in the wash. However, if you decide to brave it out to the boulder field, you’ll appreciate the added casting distance when already 50 yards out. Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmers are constructed using the standard through-wire construction and VMC hooks for superior durability. They are available in 16 different colors and come in the standard 2.5 oz floating size. 

*We get custom colors of Super Strike Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer V3 in the store and we don't always list them online. If you are looking for a color that you do not see on the site, please email or call us.

Models: DS6W

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