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Tsunami Bluewater Hourglass Popper

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Tsunami Bluewater Hourglass Popper

Tsunami Bluewater Hourglass Poppers are truly tough tuna tamers! All alliteration aside, these brutes have been enticing almost rabid like topwater strikes from tuna and other offshore gamefish such as mahi, roosterfish, permit and even large inshore species such as striped bass, redfish, snook, and bluefish. The key to the Tsunami Hourglass Poppers’ design is its small neck and large body which makes for large explosions on the top of the water, and because of its design, you can swim it slowly like a metal lipped plug for a dual action threat! The Tsunami Hourglass Popper features 6X strong VMC hooks and HD 375# swivels ensuring your plug won’t bust under the pressure of a strong pelagic run.

Tsunami Bluewater Hourglass Poppers have incredibly vivid holographic visual patterns making them seriously attractive offerings for big gamefish. Their throughwire design makes for an incredibly tough lure that won’t fall apart in the mouth of a voracious predator. Tsunami Bluewater Hourglass Poppers are available in three distinct color patterns that can match whatever your target is in the mood for. 

Models: BWHG75-G, BWHG75-PS, BWHG75-BS

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