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Tsunami Bluewater Popper

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Tsunami Bluewater Popper

Tsunami Bluewater Poppers are the most revered and oft-used popper in Tsunami’s lineup. The Bluewater Popper has a large open mouth area that catches large areas of water for intense topwater strikes. A true popper that can be fished in that way only, its thick profile mimics all different kinds of baitfish that offshore and inshore predators dine on regularly. Featuring the same tough through-wire construction, 6X VMC hooks, and 375# swivels as their Hourglass big brothers, the standard Bluewater Popper will be sure to stand up in the jaws of 100+ pound gamefish and live to tell about it.

Tsunami Bluewater Poppers are clothed in flashy holographic skin that entices mind boggling strikes from large pelagic gamefish. Fish them from the surf for striped bass and redfish, and prepare to fight the fish of a lifetime as their color schemes are some of the best in the business. Tsunami Bluewater Poppers are available in three exotic color patterns so you can be sure to find a scheme that matches your style. 

Models: BWP6-G, BWP6-BS, BWP6-PS

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