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Tsunami Split Tail Minnow

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Tsunami Split Tail Minnow

The Tsunami Split Tail Minnow just may be the most versatile, widely used soft plastic bait offered up by the folks at Tsunami. Seriously, it’s got so many uses all over the country that we can’t keep them on the shelves of our storefront because we sell so many online. While that may burn the britches of many a Long Islander, take comfort in knowing that we at J&H will always keep a secret stash of these absolute killers hidden away for a rainy day. Anglers use these deadly offerings to chuck at cruising stripers, weaks, sea trout, snook, kelp bass, redfish, bluefish, any color fish, you get it. The twitching and darting action of the Split Tail Minnow is coupled with the unbelievably lifelike holographic color patterns, to create a lifelike baitfish profile that triggers the automatic predatory response mechanism of just about anything carnivorous. My dog Tony tried to eat one I mistakenly left on the bank of the Shinnecock canal once. That’s not a joke; we had to go to the vet. They’re available in a plethora of color schemes, each matching a local baitfish somewhere – and they come in 3 inch, 4 inch, and 5 inch sizes to cover fry, juvenile, and adult sized baitfish profile patterns.

The Tsunami Split Tail Minnow artificial soft plastic lures can be best thrown using a 6-7 foot light/medium weight mod/fast action rod, and will bomb when thrown with a light 8 weave braid. Simply reel your offering slowly with slight twitches and jerks here and there, and watch your rod violently bend with the weight of a fierce gamefish at the other end. The Split Tail minnow is available in, hold on let me take a breath, chartreuse/silver, redhead, sea trout, olive back/clear, glass minnow with fleck, hot pink/gold, black back, blue back, redfish, golden bunker with spots, purple haze/clear, pearl/spot, bubblegum clear/fleck, limetreuse, and last but not least, watermelon/red fleck. Whew.

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Deadly Tsunami split Tail Baits
Written by Ellis Feibush | September 19, 2015

4 inch, 1/2 0z. hot pink gold and red head Tsunami split tail baits; absolutely deadly on False Albacore when "jig and reel" method is used.


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