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By: Josh Fuld | October 29, 2013 at 1:21 pm

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If you are looking for CTS Rods, we have them. A few months back we started selling CTS Vapor Trail Surf Spinning Rods in the store and it has taken me a while to get them up on the web site. We only stock the one-piece rods because that seems to be what our customers want but we can get any model that you want.

CTS Vapor Trail Surf Spinning Rods

11′ one-piece rods are hard to come by nowadays due to the high cost of shipping and the vast improvement in quality of 2-piece rods. St Croix doesn’t make any and neither does any of the import rods. Though CTS blanks are made in New Zealand, they do make them long enough to accommodate surf fishermen looking for one-piece rods.

If you have never seen a CTS fishing rod, they are of the highest quality. Their blanks are extremely lightweight, powerful and have a very thin diameter. They cast great and can handle reeling in big fish against the current.

Come into the store and check out a CTS rod for yourself, or if you know the model that you want but you don’t see it on our web site, contact us and we will get it for you. Fish with one once and you will fall in love with CTS rods.

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