Daiwa Tatula Type R Baitcasting Reels Are Coming!
By: Josh Fuld | August 14, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Daiwa Tatula Type R Baitcasting ReelsDaiwa has decided to take a shot at capturing more of the freshwater bass market. Seems like a good idea as freshwater bass fishing is extremely important. What they came up with are the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reels. The Tatulas are divided into two series. The Type R and the 100. This post will focus on the Type R.

The Daiwa Tatula Type R Baitcasting Reels are the higher end model of the Tatula Reels. The Tatulas were designed to be a professional style reel. This means they have massive gearing, a strong yet lightweight aluminum frame, eight ball bearings, magnetic cast control, Daiwa’s T-Wing levelwind system a an Ultimate Tournament Drag system. The Type R models weigh a little bit less than the Tatula 100s because they use a lighter weight aluminum spool, and a Zaion (carbon fiber) star drag. They weigh just 7.6 ozs! The Type R is also available in a super fast 8.1:1 gear ratio while the 100 series tops out at 7.3:1. The Type R also gets a bearing upgrade with two bearings being CRBB.

I got to play with these reels at ICAST and they are really nice. They feel very light in your hand and the double paddle with the long flat knobs is very comfortable. At the show they had an unfinished frame so you could see just how big the gearing is. It is impressive! Daiwa did a really nice job with these reels. They feel really comfortable in your hand. The Daiwa Tatula Type R Baitcasting Reels will sells for $199.95 and be available in the next few months. Once they come in we will do video reviews. We will be stocking right and left handed models.

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