Josh Hulks Out On Shimano
By: Josh Fuld | August 1, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Hulk Smash!

I am getting really mad at Shimano. Year after year it is the same thing with Shimano Trevala Rods being on backorder. Usually it’s a few of the most popular models but right now over 80% of all Shimano Trevala Rods are on backorder! How does that happen?

We sell a lot of Trevalas every season. The TVC66MH is our most popular rod by a wide margin and we order a lot of them. Every year Shimano seems to underestimate the demand for Trevala rods. This year it is in all series! Regular Trevalas, Trevala S’s and Trevala F’s are all on backorder. A few years back we started doing dating orders to insure that we would have the rods but we didn’t anticipate that they would be out of all models. Many models won’t be back in stock until the end of August and some not until the end of September! So at the most popular time of year, Shimano doesn’t have any Trevala rods to sell.

If you haven’t heard, Shimano released the new Stella SWB Spinning Reels a few months back. They decided to introduce a 30000 size reel that holds 700 yards of 80 lb braid. The reel retails for $1,419.99 for the three people who want a very expensive giant spinning reel. They have more than 50 of those reels in stock, but no Trevalas! WTF?

You’ve got all this money tied up in giant expensive spinning reels that no one wants and you are sold out of a complete line of rods that is significantly more profitable and popular! It’s not even close. I know that I shouldn’t compare reels to rods but it seems that investing a lot of money into a super-niche market when you could be building gear for the masses is a complete and utter waste.

A lot of companies make the same mistake. I’m looking at you Accurate. But Shimano is not Accurate. Shimano is supposed to know better. They are in the business of making money and building gargantuan spinning reels instead of awesome fishing rods is not the way to make money!

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