Long Island Fisherman Survives 12 Hours In The Atlantic!
By: Josh Fuld | July 26, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Survive at Sea Video

Yesterday, on the cover of Newsday was a story about a Long Island fisherman who fell out of his boat and survived. I was heading out the door for work and didn’t have a chance to read about it. Later that day, one of my coworkers asked me if I heard about the guy who survived at sea. I was in the middle of getting something done but he mentioned something about the guy surviving by using his boots as flotation devices. What?

If you’ve never been to J&H, it’s located in Oakdale, NY. I went to the 7-11 that’s a few blocks away from work this morning and taped to the door was the newspaper article with a hand printed sign that read “Oakdale Resident.” I decided to look into this further.  It turns out that a lobster fisherman fell into the water and was floating in the water for twelve hours using a pair of boots as flotation devices. With sharks swimming around him he was able to survive and was eventually airlifted out of the water and is safe. Click here to read the full story. There is a video with it as well. It’s a pretty crazy story. Glad it ended well. Guy is probably a customer of ours!

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