Okuma Classic CL300L Levelwind Reels Are Back!
By: Josh Fuld | January 15, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Okuma Classic Levelwind Reels

We just received a huge shipment of Okuma Classic CL300L Levelwind Reels. The CL300L has always been a popular reel on Long Island because they are inexpensive and hold up really well, even when you beat on them. I do not know how or why but these CL300L fishing reels have been upgraded with auto engage and pre-spooled with 300 yards of 25 lb monofilament. You get all this, new in the box for just $24.99. It’s the best deal of 2014, so far.

Everyone buys an Okuma Classic thinking they are only going to get one season out of it but next thing you know they have been fishing with it for five years and the reel is still going strong! For less than $25, there is no better saltwater conventional levelwind reel. It just does not exist! So buy one on the Okuma Classic Levelwind Reels page on our web site or come into the store. This really is a great deal! Perfect for kids and adults!

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