Review: Eastaboga BogaGrip Lipper Tool With 60 lb Scale
By: Josh Fuld | December 19, 2013 at 7:26 pm

If you are fishing for striped bass, or other saltwater fish, then it is a good idea to pick up the 60 lb BogaGrip. The Eastaboga BogaGrip with 60 lb Scale is a really nice fishing tool. Lift a fish out of the water and weigh it with the built in 60 lb scale. If you are worried about injuring the fish, don’t. If used correctly, the BogaGrip will leave the fish unharmed and allow you to return it to the water with ease. This American made fishing tool is of the highest quality!

The Eastaboga BogaGrip Lipper Tool With 60 lb Scale (Model 260) sells for $239.99. It is constructed of aluminum and built to last! This is hands down the best lipper tool on the market. Every angler should own one and you can get yours at or come into the store and pick one up. A lot of times inexpensive fishing tools work great, but when it comes to lippers, the BogaGrip will perform better over the life of the tool.

Eastaboga BogaGrip

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