Review: Penn Pursuit II PURII8000 Spinning Reel
By: Josh Fuld | December 12, 2013 at 3:45 pm

The Penn Pursuit II PURII8000 Spinning Reel is the largest of the series. Penn completely rebuilt the Pursuit from the ground up and made it much better. It’s difficult to build an entry level spinning reel targeting large saltwater species, but Penn has done a commendable job with the PURII8000. The Pursuit II is built off the Sargus platform, and features a graphite body to bring down the cost of the reel. This is a great, affordable saltwater fishing reel.

The Penn Pursuit II PURII8000 Spinning Reel features five ball bearings for smoothness, and aluminum spool and and a techno-balanced rotor. It sells for $64.99. Buy a PURII8000 on our web site or come into the store and pick one up. Great for saltwater fishing from a boat, beach or bridge. PURII8000

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