Review: Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 Lever Drag 2-Speed Reel
By: Josh Fuld | July 20, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 Lever Drag 2-Speed Reels are really nice! This is Penn’s answer to all the 2-speed lever drag reels on the market. Designed to catch big saltwater fish, the TRQ30LD2 makes the perfect jigging or bottom fishing reel. Penn has packed a lot of great features into this reel.

The TRQ30LD2 is lightweight for a reel of this size and capacity. This is very important because the original Torque series was so heavy it was out of step with the way fishing was going. More and more people were fishing with braid and wanted lightweight, powerful fishing reels that would not only reel in big fish, but also hold up well over time. What Penn delivered was a reel that would reel in big fish and last a lifetime, but it weighed a ton! The new Torques are significantly lighter and the TRQ30LD2 actually weighs 5 ozs lighter than a comparable Shimano Talica. That’s a huge difference when you are out on the water jigging all day!

Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 Lever Drag 2-Speed Reel features all aluminum construction, has six ball bearings, and puts out an impressive 33 lbs of drag at max. The lever drag system and the two-speed mechanism look like miniature versions of the ones found on Penn’s International Reels and function really well. There is a clicker on the opposite side plate, which I would have liked to see be a bit bigger. Large stainless steel gears give this reel a lot of power! The TRQ30LD2 holds 525 yards of 65 lb braid. We recommend spooling it on a line winding machine (especially one at J&H Tackle).

The Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 is made in the USA, which is a good thing and is anodized Penn Gold. They sell for $579.95 which puts them square in the middle of similar reels from other manufacturers. Some are less expensive and some are more expensive. When you buy a Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 Lever Drag 2-Speed Reel you are getting a great fishing reel that has the most modern features, delivers great performance and is actually light in weight for its class. Would make an excellent addition to the arsenal of any saltwater angler who targets big fish and loves to jig or bottom fish.

Penn Torque Lever Drag 2-Speed Reels WP

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