Review: PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line
By: Josh Fuld | June 27, 2013 at 11:19 am

PowerPro Super Slick Braid

PowerPro wasn’t the first braid to hit the market, but over time it did become the most popular. While there are hundreds of different Spectra braided fishing lines to choose from, a good chunk of anglers still choose PowerPro. It’s got a thin diameter, is strong, lasts a very long time, comes in several colors and probably most importantly, it’s affordable. Also, people like it. They put it on their reels, go fishing, and come back with fish. It’s a pretty simple formula.

When anglers started fishing with hollowcore braid, PowerPro came out with Hollow Ace, and it just didn’t go over well with anglers. It’s not a bad braid, but people get caught up in their Jerry Brown and it became more important to fill your reel with JB then to give another brand of hollowcore a chance. That’s understandable so PowerPro continues to try and get fishermen to try their hollowcore.

Then PowerPro came out with Super Slick and I wondered if it would suffer the same fate as Hollow Ace. Would anglers be willing to pay more for an upgraded version of PowerPro? While it had a slow beginning, Super Slick has since become very popular. Not as popular as the original PowerPro but more and more anglers are upgrading to Super Slick. It’s smoother than the original, which translates into casting a greater distance, and getting to the bottom with less weight. It is still very strong and holds up well over time. PowerPro also changed the colors up a bit and it is available in aqua green, hi-vis yellow, timber brown and marine blue. You would think that most anglers would go with the green as they do with regular PowerPro but blue has become the most popular color. There is no fishing related reason for this. Guys just like the color blue. It’s as simple as that. It also looks really cool on your reel.

PowerPro Super Slick Braided Fishing Line is on the same level of quality as Sufix Performance Braid. It falls somewhere between original PowerPro and Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid. If you are looking for an upgrade to your braid or you just want to try something different, PowerPro Super Slick is a good choice. Did I mention it comes in blue? We have been selling a lot of it and our anglers are happy.

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